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Founded by Sue Dillon, DO, EGC, Transitions In Balance™ is a coaching practice to help physicians seeking balance in their professional and personal lives, health care teams who are challenged to unify their members and resonate as a team, and individuals who find themselves blocked in making choices for a healthier life.

A Coach for Physicians

  • What transitions did you make as you proceeded through medical school, internship, residency, and, perhaps, fellowship training?
  • What transitions did you experience from a life of training to a life in medical practice?
  • How many types of transitions have you been expected to make along the way, at work and at home?
  • What transitions do you make every day from your life as a doctor to your life outside of medicine?

The transitions that physicians experience through training and practice are complex, dynamic, and infinite. The reality is that physicians continue to be human beings in every way – despite the inferred belief that they need less sleep, less food, less compassion, less income, and, well, just less in general. Transitions In Balance™ provides coaching for physicians who want to take a good look at their life, how they got there, and discover positive pathways to transition their life to the one they envision.

A Coach for Health Care Teams

Health care teams can mean a lot of things these days. Transitions In Balance™ defines the health care team as everyone upon whom a patient depends to receive care: front desk reception, medical assistants, technicians, nurses, midlevel providers, and physicians. Patients get the best care when everyone involved in their care gets along, communicates and works well together.

The quality of patient care and safety is dependent upon the competency of these individuals, but also affected by how well the health care team performs together as a unit. Transitions In Balance™  offers workshops to health care teams who want to explore their understanding of each member, clarify their mutual goals. and discover new ways to coordinate their individual expertise as they move forward as a whole.

A Coach for Individuals Seeking Better Health

Physicians advise patients to follow health guidelines at every visit, like, take medications as directed, or perhaps, follow glucose levels, record weight and blood pressure at home, eat a healthier diet, and exercise more – easier said than done! As doctors’ offices get busier and busier, there is less time for physicians and nurses to spend with patients to discuss just how they are going to meet these goals. Transitions In Balance™ coaches individuals as they define their personal goals, explore what holds them back, develop strategies for success, and get the support they need along the way as they transition to a life of better health choices.

The Coach

Dr. Dillon is an osteopathic physician board certified in family medicine. She has practiced urgent care and emergency medicine in Colorado and Washington state since 1998.

  • In 2005, she volunteered to serve in the disaster medical relief efforts on the Mississippi coast following Hurricane Katrina.  She subsequently participated in state, regional and federal projects to implement electronic health information systems and support patient safety and quality of care initiatives until 2008.
  •  Dr. Dillon was inspired by her experience to explore the meaning of quality of care and patient safety and approached the next phase of her career by combining her top two interests: osteopathic principles and natural horsemanship.

Though seemingly very different, she resonated with the fact that these disciplines each emphasize the impact of intent on response – in this case, respectively, the physiologic response of the patient affected by the intent of the practitioner, and the behavioral response of a horse depending on the intent of the human with whom they are interacting.  There is a connection!

She became a certified equine massage therapist, volunteered at a therapeutic riding center, and began to deepen her study of cranial osteopathy while applying the principles of authenticity, presence and positive intent in her medical practice.  She is fascinated by the relationship between cognitive and emotional intent, state of mind and heart, to the health of biologic systems within an individual, and between individuals in proximity to one another, human or animal.  She became keenly aware of the impact of a physician’s emotional and physical health on the quality of care they can provide to patients.  It does make a difference!  Noting the US physician suicide rate at 400 per year, and the estimated 400,000 patients that die every year in the US as a result of medical error… She chose a path to help other physicians discover their life balance…. to make a difference for physicians and patients.

She completed a 2-year certification program to learn the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™, founded by Melisa Pearce. This coaching method supports the principles of equine recognition and acknowledgment of intent and authenticity in others, somatization of emotion and healing through awareness to wholeness, and expands upon the osteopathic principle that the health or disease within one system affects the whole person.  This brought it all together!

As a coach, Dr. Dillon facilitates and gently guides physicians, health care teams and individuals on their journey to find their own answers through awareness, self-compassion, ownership, making positive choices, and stepping forward in wholeness  – to healing – resulting in improved quality of patient care and safety.

Our Services

Individual/Group Sessions will be designed to address the goals as defined by the client.

EGCM Individual Coaching

Equine Interaction
90-minute sessions

Individual Telephone Coaching

(4-12 weeks)
30 minutes every 2 weeks

Group Workshops

(2-12 persons)
1-day and 2-day sessions

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Please Note: The identity of our clients and content of each Transitions In BalanceTM session are private and confidential.


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